How To Substitute Ingredients

I often get questions from friends, family members and you guys what the ingredients I use are and if they can change them for anything. Here I have made you a little cheat sheet to get you going. Of course, the result may not turn out exactly the way it turned out for me, but these substitutes should still get the job done very well

Flax Egg

Flax egg = 1 tbs ground flax seeds + 3 tbs water


Chia egg {replace flax seeds with chia seeds}

4 tbs apple sauce/mashed banana

4 tbs vegan/normal yogurt

A normal egg


Runny nut/seed butter like:





Please note that the flavour and texture might change

Coconut Sugar

Brown Sugar

Date Sugar

White Sugar {the bake will not taste as “deep” with white sugar}

White sugar + molasses

Granulated Sweetener

Agave Syrup

Maple Syrup

Rice Syrup

Date Syrup

Coconut Nectar/Syrup

Light/Dark Syrup

Please note that the flavours and texture might change depending on what you are using

Coconut Oil

Used in solid form:

Vegan/Normal Butter

Used in liquid form:

Melted Vegan/Normal Butter

Neutral Oil

All Purpose Flour

Spelt Flour

Whole Wheat {I wouldn’t recommend changing all the flour for whole wheat}

Almond Flour

All Purpose/Spelt Flour + Few Tbs Of Oil

Protein Powder

Equal amounts Flour or Cocoa Powder + a little Sugar/Sweetener

Oat Flour

All Purpose Flour

Whole Wheat Flour

Spelt Flour

Almond Flour

Plant Based Milk

Any Plant Based Milk can be interchanged, but the flavour might change

I recommend baking with unsweetened milks like Unsweetened Soy Milk or Oat Milk

Raw Cacao Powder

Cocoa Powder

Carob Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar

White Vinegar

Coconut Vinegar

Would Not Recommend Substituting:


Dates are naturally sweet and sticky. I often use them as binders or to add a fudge texture to no bake treats

Coconut Flour

Coconut Flour is naturally super absorbent, so if you choose to abandon this ingredient you will need to add a lot more of another flour and perhaps more liquid

Baking Powder/Soda

These should NEVER be interchanged/replaced as they are vital to different bakes


The liquid from a can of chickpeas. This is often used as a binder or to make vegan meringue, no other ingredient can really take its place

Cocoa Butter

You can try coconut oil, but cocoa butter is unique with it’s mild flavour and able to set different mixtures and cheatingly “temper” chocolate


Salt is there for a reason, do not leave it out