Oslos Vegan Scene

Håndbakt Oslo

Håndbakt Oslo is a new bakery in town located within Factory Tøyen – Kjølberggata that offers plenty of vegan bakery items and delicious coffee. It is a branch off from one of my favourite cafés Soho Urban Eatery started by Jenny Marie Andersen, but here they bake everything right in behind you in their in-house bakery

The interior is extremely pleasing for the eye, and there is a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the room. There are not a lot of seats, but if you are able to get one you will be very comfortable while enjoying your time there. Of course there is the option to get takeaway, but if you have the time to sit down I would highly recommend doing so

And now for the food, the most important part. Håndbakt is not a fully vegan bakery/café as they offer a few sandwiches, salads and treats that are not plant based, but I’m pretty sure all of their buns and pastries are vegan. They have everything from the humble Cinnamon/Cardamom Roll and Skolebolle {a Norwegian classic} to more interesting options like Pistachio Rolls and Iced Buns. They also have homemade sourdough bread, granola, salads, overnight oats and smoothie pots. They offer delicious coffee with plant milk of course, and also superfood lattes like Golden Milk, Beetroot Latte, Matcha and Raw Hot Chocolate

I went for the Pistachio Roll and Raw Hot Chocolate, and I must say I was in utter heaven enjoying my little rainy day treat. The prices are quite high, as to be expected, but you are also paying for good quality ingredients and homemade baked goods. But they also offer a great deal of 3 vegan pastries for 100kr which is a great price when you compare it to other bakeries in town, so that is an offer I would definitely take use of if you are more people or you just want a lot of dessert {hey, I’m not judging you}

All in all, if you are around the Tøyen or Grønland area in Oslo, Håndbakt is definitely a place to check out!

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